Runescape: 8-11th December – Menaphos & Sophanem!


New City Quests arise alert as fast afterwards achievement of a City Quest.

75% added acquaintance from Shifting Tombs.

50% added acceptability in Menaphos.

Increased adventitious to accept Menaphite Gift Offerings.

25% added Slayer acquaintance aural the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.

Bonus adventitious of jewelled statuettes while cutting a ring of abundance and angled adventitious of baton of the gods and atramentous ibis while at Pyramid Plunder.

Double acquaintance from Plover bird hunting.

50% added abject adventitious to auspiciously pickpocket in Menaphos.

Triple acquaintance from agriculture Luminous Wisps (converting memories charcoal the aforementioned acquaintance rate).

07 Rs Gold

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Date:15th Dec–15th Jan

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