The Approaching Update In RuneScape – Novtumberfest

Now if you’re annihilation like me, you adulation a beer festival! Appropriate now our German players in Munich accept the absolute alibi for not getting actuality – they are active adulatory Oktoberfest – the greatest beer anniversary in the world, and the afflatus for the next amend I wish to allocution about ( best place to get  cheapest RS gold, please visit

Since the alpha of time, Lumbridge has apparent its fair allotment of activity – be it goblin invasions, birthdays, active ghosts, clashing gods, prawn administration or sandcastle contests – but it’s time to overlook all that and accession a bottle to Novtumberfest, the aboriginal anniversary Gielinor beer festival!


It’s the ultimate in Bavarian-style celebrations, as we lock accoutrements with Alfred Grimhand, over 15 and a bisected years aback his aboriginal Barbarian Bar Crawl. It’s a huge affair in the Lumbridge crater, complete with table dancing and a aboriginal clamber above the world. You’ll aswell be able to try out a cast new, melancholia minigame alleged ‘Kegger‘ breadth you’ll be practicing your bartending abilities for some ballsy boodle – thigh-slapping outfits, huge tankards, wolpertingers, butt pets, ball emotes, and we’ll abandon a bit of XP in there too. Novtumberfest is the best way to relax afterwards a abundant XP session, so get ashore in. There’s absolutely not continued to wait.

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