Preview Deposit Island OSRS Map & Its Action Requirements

Jagex just has adapted apple map, which just includes the Deposit Island OSRS map. Preview it as able-bodied as the requirements for the activities on this island, for it will be launched in a few hours. And amuse adapt abundant cheap RS 2007 gold.

The new apple map including Deposit Island OSRS map

With the adapted apple map, you can yield a abutting attending at the new big amend – deposit Island OSRS, which mainly includes 5 parts: Mushroom Forest, Tar Swamp, Volcano, Building Camp, and House on the Hill.

The Deposit Island OSRS action Requirements

We just sum up the requirements for the Deposit Island activities according to the antecedent dev blogs and added official account appear by Jagex.

Lava Mine: For the Lava Mine, you charge 50 Mining and 180 Kudos.

Sulliuscep Mushrooms: You can acquisition Sulliumcep Mushrooms in the swampland of the island, and it Requires akin 65 woodcutting.

Hardwood Farming: there are some assertive areas on the Deposit Island appropriately for the advance of Teak and amber trees, which crave akin 35 and 55 Farming respectively.

Underwater Fishing: if you wish to activate the Underwater Fishing activity, you charge akin 47 Fishing and akin 44 Hunter at least.

Underwater Agility and Thieving: there is no specific akin claim for this action for now.

Seadweed Farming: With akin 23 Farming, you can abound seaweed on the sea attic surrounding the island.

Bird House Traps: You charge Crafting and Hunter abilities to actualize the Bird House Traps.

Fossil Pool: there is a basin aural the Mushroom Forest, which charge the Prayer ability.

Wyverns: If you wish to annihilate the Wyverns, commonly you charge akin 66 Slayer, while the Ancient Wyverns charge akin 82 Slayer to be killed.

Besides, don’t overlook you charge 100 Kudos to admission Deposit Island OSRS. Accept you acquired the best 153 Kudos until now? And don’t anguish you can accretion added Kudos with the Deposit Island released. And there is a abundant accord of bargain RS 07 gold on

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