If you’re an Oakland Raiders fan, you can’t advice but to be happy. Hometown hero and active aback extraordinaire Marshawn Lynch is in the argent and black. He’s not arch the alliance in stats or anything, but he’s accouterment a connected active bold to an already activating offense. Attending at Lynch dancing:

It’s a little alarming to bethink that Lynch has a history of accepting bigger as the analysis rolls on. He’s giving Oakland admirers a lot to acclamation about. You know, until the aggregation moves to Vegas or something.

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By the way, the AFC West has bound reestablished itself as one of the toughest capacity in the NFL. With the barring of a aggregation from Los Angeles, three teams accept started 2-0. Forth with the Raiders’ success, the Kansas City Chiefs accept some much-needed explosiveness, and the Denver Broncos’ breach looks able abundant to not get in the defense’s way. The in-division AFC West amateur feel like they’ll accept a huge appulse of the NFL playoff picture.

Speaking of playoff picture, the Seattle Seahawks’ breach is continuing its attitude of starting the year off in molasses. The Hawks accept one of the added accomplished rosters on offense, alfresco of their, let’s alarm it shaky, line, and yet acquisition themselves ranked 26th in the alliance in absolute yards. They’ll acceptable still win that analysis with the Arizona Cardinals continuing to struggle, but it’s not the best start (play the game with cheap NFL 18 Coins Packs).

Anyway, let’s get to the ratings!


Crabtree ability be the a lot of underrated WR2 in the NFL. His three-touchdown achievement is acceptable an outlier adjoin a Jets’ aegis that’s about there, but he did accept to action for some of these catches. Either way, his allure with QB Derek Carr is undeniable.

The Seattle backfield is about as difficult to adumbrate as New England’s at this point. Afterwards an offseason of agitation amid Eddie Lacy and Thomas Rawls, amateur Chris Carson takes advantage and looks like he’s accustomed himself as the starter, at atomic for now. My editor predicted this.

It might’ve been Anniversary 2, but amateur QBs can apprehend “welcome to the NFL” moments at any time. Physical freakshow Geno Atkins accustomed QB Deshaun Watson with a nice little adulation tap in Anniversary 2. Atkins already has three sacks on the year, two on Watson. To his credit, Watson responded with a big TD run, but this sack is a affable admonition that Atkins MUST be accounted for in O-line assignments.


A sports cliché seems applicable here. A win is a win. That’ll do. That’s what describes the Seahawks home opener adjoin the 49ers. This had all the adequacy of a animation aback bold for the Hawks, instead they about squeaked by on a abandoned touchdown. Wilson and the Hawks will accept to do better, as they currently rank abreast the basal of the alliance in credibility denticulate and yards.

Stats-wise, Prescott isn’t accepting a abhorrent year. Football-wise, he’s not searching comfortable. Granted, arena adjoin the Broncos’ aegis is no joke, but one of his INTs was a ambiguous bandy that led to a Broncos TD. The Cowboys abandoned the run early, finishing the bold with just nine carries for Ezekiel Elliott, banishment Prescott to bandy the brawl 50 times adjoin the Broncos loaded secondary. That fell appropriate into the Broncos gameplan.

Remember if Kenny Britt was declared to be the Cleveland Browns starting advanced receiver? Me neither. Over two games, Britt has accumulated a whopping 15 yards on two catches. That is artlessly unacceptable for an breach that badly needs weapons. Britt has credible that he artlessly can’t cut it, and needs to do bigger if he wants to break employed.

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