Fossil Island extends OldSchool RuneScape

Fossil Island

With OldSchool RuneScape it becomes prehistoric, because the cornball online rolling bold is broadcast with Deposit Island. Jagex promises new adventures for players of all levels as able-bodied as fossils, bedrock flows, and all sorts of secrets: “In accession to an chance that brings players to the island (but alone afterwards they accept congenital a address to captain there) The amplification of Deposit Island will aswell acquiesce the amplification of the Varrock Museum, which will acquiesce added association to see the assortment of the aged creatures that already lived on the Deposit Island. ”

“Fossil Island has been a allegory in RuneScape and the association for a continued time. The aboriginal architecture abstracts were created added than a decade ago, so we are actual appreciative that the association of Oldschool RuneScape voted with an cutting majority to abutment the development and development ” said Mathew Kemp, Chief Artefact Administrator at Oldschool-RuneScape.

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