Albion Online Ideas for A More Immense Experience

Hi guys, I have really loved playing this game and i also honestly think it has a large amount of potential or else I more than likely be so involved in order to type out some recommendations. I realize its only BETA but after almost nights I’m almost tired of the way the game feels ( basically wasn’t such a gamer Personally i think like at this point a normal gamer would quit). Now I have no clue what the Devs have prepared but I do have a few suggestions because, to me, the overall game lacks a bit of something that can make me feel hooked into it, and attached to my personality. Now I know a lot of these ideas will not be priority at this stage or include game mechanics/balancing but it continues to be something id like to notice soon. BECAUSE i really believe in case these “simple” ideas had been added a lot of players might stick around and play much more often/longer.

1 . A More Individual Character Customization

- This really is something that once again, to me, is actually important in order to get that much more associated with your character. It’s which instant connection from the beginning which is such a “necessary” aspect of the proper job game.

- Nothing insane needed, But definitely numerous choices, hairstyles, beards, colors, and some different races/factions would be sufficient to give your character which personal touch (factions becoming different types of looks if various races don’t fit in with the actual lore which i know absolutely nothing about yet).

- The one thing the different races/factions would perform was change your look and also have you start in a different location.

2 . A Group Finder:

– Maybe I’m spoiled right now from other MMO’s or the video game is just dead pending the actual wipe.. But I can’t inform you how many times since i possess started playing these previous two weeks to sign on extremely excited to play and work out a dungeon, or even get a PvP group heading only to shortly become discouraged and give up because I can not find a group through worldwide chat or in a town or even through my guild. I understand that’s what guilds tend to be for as well but actually that is taxing for 15ish members to not only be upon, but want to do the same rate dungeon, AND be able to do it at that time.

- All “that’s exactly what guilds are for” remarks aside I really think a bunch finder would make players wish to play that much more and have a lot of stress off which aspect of the game. I mean can occur who signs on and desires to spend an hour or so just looking to get a party together.
- This particular feature could have several choices.. A dungeon tab to select what tier you should do. A PvP tab to select what zone you should do. And maybe a resource gathering tabs (havent dived into which part of the game too much yet)?
- Also show figures role (dps, tank, healer) and what roles the team already has

3. The Targeting System for PvE (or dungeons at the really least):

- This one just isn’t about skill to me seeing that im sure some are about to argue but for the reasons of fighting just for PvE. It’s honestly difficult in addition to takes a couple seconds to help click on a monster if there are 10 people it is about it and you keep exploring them, its not proficiency its just facts. In my opinion it would help to have a directed at button option for PvE.

4. “Randomzied” events:

instructions This goes for PvE in addition to PvP (although it may obstruct certain PvP a bit? My partner and i don’t know I havent dabbled in too much PvP furthermore dueling and a little orange zone). The overwhelming boredom during grinding is one different thing that makes you not need to play this game all day long on end.
Random events this happen in maps could well be something to not only reduce basic bots but maintain your grind that much more interesting! I want into detail on not an example would be: Your running mobs/collecting resources and some partially boss spawns or a band of orcs come.. idk whatever! there would be a little extra loot, almost nothing crazy, just something to help spice things up.


To learn biomes coming and all the alterations in the next patch, its a good beginning to ending the boredom that seems to run unrestrained right now. But I can’t strain enough how important I think these kind of few little changes to the action would help with keeping people dynamic, and playing more on a daily basis. The character customization adds this instant bond with your identity and makes you feel a little dissimilar to others. That’s something that gives you want to play even more from the very beginning, and being that this activity is all about what you wear can have no effect on the game themselves.

The group finder removes your frustration of if you wish to play but just can’t be capable of waste an hour or so just to help you to ACTUALLY do what you want. This will hold people coming back and give a feeling of being able to do what you want if you wish to without having all the relationships of a top guild. Considerably more casual players and completely new players would become tricky core players.

Once you get a nice big group together with the group finder you can goal that boss you people are working so hard to wipe out with ease using the targeting process, no longer wasting seconds in addition to missing that heal as well as interrupt that wipes your personal party just because you won’t be able to click the mob when so many people are blocking it. This allows someone to get that hardcore raid vibe.

Then to major it all off because of these kind of changes, your a degree everyday player. Not only do you intend to grind and grind in addition to grind! to to amount up your mining, wood chopping, or just a new weopon, you actually kind of enjoy it! because you just dont know what instance is going to eventually you within the next 30 minutes to help hour.. maybe a dragon may come or a wizard with a easy side quest or a band of orcs who just put to sleep and stole someones accessory, the possibilities are endless therefore you are so immersed in this ” new world ” people call Albion On the net!

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