MIP mapping can be turned on/off in the FFXI Config power

How do you do this? We have a fairly decent rig (Phenom X2 955 w/radeon 5850) that I built for FF11 Gil , therefore i would like to boost XI whenever possible but I am fearful associated with reg. editing (seems kind of scary)

I have also in no way used an add on such as windower, (afraid of breaking ToS – but I suppose no one gets banned for this? )… I am just coming back (DLed it last night) so I wouldn’t mind foreseeing this stuff out right away.

Cheap FFXI Gil

Cheap FFXI Gil

MIP mapping can be turned on/off in the FFXI Config power, or as mentioned, can be modified in the registry. Either transform it off or leave it “on” from the setting that the FFXI Config can set (which is the lowest setting in accordance with the registry tweaks).

Exactly how you needed force Anisotropic will vary based on what graphics card you might have, and to a point, the car owner revision as they mix in the control panels every so often. Irrespective, the general step would be to possibly set up an application profile within your Catalyst control panel, or to simply turn it on in general. In case you play a lot of games, I had created say to opt for the application user profile, since many other Cheap FFXI Gil  games have better in-game config options. If you don’t play a lot else, you should be fine simply forcing it for every thing.






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