I think it helps lots. In spite of this, I’m sure Cristiano and Leo gives their all even if they didn’t have this kind of direct rival pushing them on. Records have something since you’re always rivaling yourself, and you also only love in case you win. That’s what those two do and may continue to do for a long period into Cheap Fifa Coins .

I’m not gonna say who my pick can be but I’ll chance a prediction and say Neuer.

Italian hero Alessandro del Piero looks in the future to calculate the location where the FIFA Ballon d’Or might go

You’re a good example of a person that were play for years with the highest level. Will it surprise you to see those two maintaining that year in year out using amazing stats to start?
With the quality they’ve already, I’m honestly not surprised. They’re in a very league of their own and their achievements will survive. We’ll be dealing with them for countless years to return, equally we do nowadays with all the legends of yesteryear.

Then there’s Manuel Neuer. As a world champion yourself from 2006, just how much can people’s perceptions people change once you lift that trophy?

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Winning the globe Cup changes yourself, simply. There’s nothing comparable. For me, it was the high point of my career and also a dream become a reality. I became conscious of being wherever I’d always wanted to be: in the final of your World Cup while using chance of taking on the list of decisive penalties and adding to our victory, before hoisting the trophy aloft inside colours from the Azzurri.

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