The Wolf Pack Returns back


Hati and Sk?ll – the wintertime wolves of Fremennik legend – are back from Thursday the 16th of January, bringing bonus XP aplenty for many who can defeat them, in addition to new valkyrie-themed cosmetic overrides  07 runescape gold.

New this year is the appearance of Eir: a valkyrie preparing herself for that End of Things, which she believes comes with all the Sixth Age. She’s got lost her helmet and spear, and requirements your assistance to retrieve them.

You could obtain one of them items by defeating Hati or Sk?ll, or by harvesting the enriched wisps in the colony south-east of Rellekka. Although you can find duplicates of their item by continuing to accomplish these tasks, you’ll be able to only obtain the other by trading an extra with another player.

Bring Eir’s spear and helmet with their owner – with the divination colony, just south with the Golden Apple Tree inside the Fremennik Province – and you should earn picking a bonus Prayer or Divination XP, plus cosmetic override versions of the two items.

There are several new rewards for social slayers . Pairing program a friend with a slayer vacation to earn some co-op points is more favorable and rewarding than ever. Examine the Social Slayer tab from the Slayer Rewards Store for solutions to spend your points.

You’ll be able to unlock a chance to share teleports from your ring of slaying and ferocious ring (and from fused slayer helmets, obviously) using your partner. Use one these teleports as you are in a social slayer group along with your partner is going to be boosted using the substitute for follow you.

In addition there are a chance to share the advantages of protective slayer gear, meaning merely one people has got to carry this elementary kit. Be aware that your partner must meet any skill prerequisites in the equipment before they are able to make use of it.

You can also use your co-op points on recharges of rings of slaying, ferocious rings or fused slayer helmets. It is a easy way waste any spare points.

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