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We have an actual treat for podcast fans: not one, but two podcasts for ones listening pleasure!
Experience the Legacy Combat Beta podcast, using a packed room of JMods – including Mod Jane, Mod Dean, Mod Pi, Mod Chris L, Mod Z, Mod Daze, Mod MattHe along with the ever-awesome Mod JDawg – discussing the upcoming Legacy Beta, what it method for you, and the way to sign up.
We’ve also released the last of the Elf City Design Document podcasts, where Mod Raven, Mod Rowley, Mod Osborne and Mod MattHe chat about the feedback about the final – and heftiest – from the design documents. This week, they discuss Dungeoneering, potions, and Mod Osborne’s penchant for dressing for elf.
Both of these podcasts are offered now on our PodBean page. Follow us there and turn into up to date with every episode. Alternatively, you’ll be able to enroll in our podcasts on iTunes.
While today’s updated beta version features a bunch of fixes and improvements, there’s still more we prefer to get done before Legacy Mode is ready to get a full launch:
Create alternate set of old icons for Prayers & Curses for Legacy.
EoC prayer and curse icons will likely be improved – particularly Soul Split’s.
Fix any remaining bugs, including:
Lag experienced when switching armour and weapons.
Delayed hit marks.
Unreliable auto-retaliate in Legacy.
Adrenaline potions not always returning special attack energy.
I will also be introducing many old style font combat animations for Legacy players, with a few additions for launch after which it much more after a while.
Later on, we might make Legacy-style interfaces open to EoC players too, as a selectable option in EoC Mode. However, this requires further investigation.
Regrettably, there are many points through your feedback that individuals defintely won’t be competent to cover. We’ve investigated and deliberated for the following, and still have determined likely either not viable or not in keeping with that which you feel is the best for combat overall:
100% protection prayers
Pre-EoC stats on gear.
The existing Quest Log side interface.
Removing summoning and high-level potions from Wilderness.

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