Fifa 15 Coins PS

“Four magical days in Brazil,” said pejoan, perfectly describing the experience offered members of its community during the 2014 FIFA World Cup?. The Colombian, along with nine other Club members and their guests traveled to Brazil to experience the World Cup as an official contest winner. “There are not enough words to describe it. You just have to live and feel it,” he said.

In the years building up to Brazil 2014, offered millions of Club members the chance to win hundreds of prizes through a variety of games and contests,Fifa 15 Coins PS, but only ten Club members were able to secure the ultimate prize: an exclusive FIFA World Cup experience including flights, accommodation and match tickets!

Some winners chose to experience the opening match in Sao Paulo, others opted for a moment in the Maracana or a visit to Porto Alegre and Salvador, while a lucky few secured a seat at the Final. Our World Cup prize winners spoke to and reflected on their experiences in Brazil.

Canadian JrBecks007 – whose ability to predict daily match results in our ongoing FIFA Predictor game secured him a trip to Brazil – attended the opening match in Sao Paulo. “The atmosphere on game day was incredible,” he said. “As my wife and I got off the subway and headed towards the stadium we moved in a sea of yellow shirts. In the stadium, nearly everyone was cheering for the home team. It was just incredible to be surrounded by sixty-two thousand fans chanting for the Brazilian national team.”

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