Man utd Fans Offered FIFA 14


Man utd fans offered  Fifa 14 Coins  in return of season tickets at GAME

Man utd, West Brom and Cardiff City fans incorporate some respite, as they are offered to be able to exchange their season tickets to acquire a copy of FIFA 14.After the 3-0 thrashing of Manchester United as a result of arch-rivals Manchester City, game retailer GAME haveannounced the offer which is to be running till Saturday.Throughout the exchange of any valid commutation ticket, the participating store will hand a duplicate of Fifa Coins , Football Manager or Pro Evolution Soccer, determined by ultimate decision.GAME also claims which a report of just one,000 people established that 35% with the fans have noticed their team lift a trophy which has a video games only, which shows approximately the amount of people play video gaming titles.

If to be a fan, all night to games that might spark a win, loss or draw is way too tough to fit the bill, then rush with your nearest GAME store and get a duplicate in the favourite football inturn with this season ticket.

The participating stores add some GAME store that’s there at Old Trafford.

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