Cartoon MMO ” Wildstar” at the conclusion from the beta began formal operations


Video from the Qizhemotuo, wearing goggles human curse is shot by (spellslinger) a. Curse belong remote radio career, his main weapon is the fact two pistols on the magic infused their hands. The vitality consumed by occupation are: charge and mystery.Curse of charge by people who utilize radio, this energy accumulated inside the tank, the more energy, theyThe higher the value of the damage. Its recovery mode, there are 2, one is certain frequency unlimited automatic recovery, in addition, some skills to produce this energy recovery.Mystery in a position to shoot people that curse magic skills empowerment. This energy is quite rapid pace in the battle to regenerate its postwar disappear off the pace is quite slow.NCsoft ‘s Carbine Studios put together by the cartoon style fantasy MMORPG ” Wildstar Platinum ” recently opened the game’s public beta , open beta continues before the 30th on this month , and right away with the 31st , the sport will be placed in formal operation .Games are divided into two camps , exile Cheap WS Gold and dominator , each with four different races, beyond just the camp and race , the ball player may select from six main career path and destiny in a very four to secure a unique gaming experience .

Traditional MMORPG game battle mode locking and mode of action game combining flexible mobile game can circumvent almost all of the damage , along with a multiplier through the upgrade process . The experience also has a world setting , players have the freedom to make houses, and allow this to barren planet comes alive.

The experience uses traditional European and American MMORPG charging mode , Standard Edition CDKEY Price $ 59.99 ( about 374 yuan ) , a monthly fee of $ 15 monthly , automatic activation CDKEY Mini month playtime . Digital Deluxe Edition costing $ 74.99 ) , including additional virtual pet games , clothing, title and a bottle of special equipment dyes.


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