About FIFA


FIFA International Football Federation known as by Belgium, France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, holland and Switzerland initiative, May 21, 1904 in France,
Paris, was established. The Association has 208 members, may be the Association of International Sports Federation members. Working language is English,
French, Spanish and German, the language of conflict, the English shall prevail. FIFA under Europe, Asia, Africa, in the usa as well the Caribbean region,
South America, Oceania, six regional organizations.

Quite functions of Fifa 14 Coins.
FIFA’s mission is : to promote the coming of football ; through the entire organization whatsoever levels (amateur, non-amateur, professional) competition,
as well as other methods for development association members, officials along with the well disposed exchanges between players ; implementing the Federation
Constitution, the Congress resolutions and rules on the game ; against racial, political and religious discrimination.

FIFA’s aim is : to sell international football campaign forward ; the roll-out of lands friendly ties in relation to the Football Association. FIFA will be
the highest authority of Congress, held every quite a while 1 . Each full member has one vote in the General assembly vote. FIFA president elected with the
Assembly for that term of 4 yoa years. Congress, through the 21-member inter-sessional executive committee to exercise management rights. Executive Committee
Vice-Chairman and Executive Committee from the Federation beneath places selected because of the continent. FIFA’s executive committee appointed due to daily
work in the leadership of Secretary-General and also the Secretariat to manage. FIFA set up within the finance, our planet Cup, amateur, referees, athletes
qualified, technical, medical, journalism, publishing and discipline committee. Current President Joseph S. Blatter (Switzerland).

FIFA accounts for several main games are : the entire world Cup ; World Youth Championships ; Olympic soccer tournament. Chinese Football Association is
generally a person in FIFA.Biennial Congress could be the highest authority of FIFA, to be able to determine the constitution and implementation, approve
financial plans and also the general activities on the report, accepted the membership, election officials. Person within an association with 1 vote,
permitted to send three representatives.FIFA Executive Committee could be the lead agency inside daily work, in the President, 7 Vice-Presidents, 16 members,
the Secretary-General together with his fantastic deputies a complete of 24 members.

Buy FIFA 14 Coins special committees under : Finance Committee, the earth Cup Organizing Committee, Federation Cup Organizing Committee, Olympics Organizing Committee
Cup, FIFA youth competitions committee, indoor soccer committee, Women’s Football Committee, Referees Committee, the Technical Committee, Sports Council,
athletes Status Committee, the Legal Affairs Committee, the protection and Justice Competition Committee, Media Committee, Ritual Committee.

FIFA secretariat contains three Department : Technology Department, Ministry of Finance and Development.


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